Why Complete This Course?

There are millions of PPIs prescribed every year. Long term use of PPIs can cause many health issues. This course is a combination of a downloadable PDF and 4 interactive modules. The course is structured to help practitioners to work with clients taking PPIs. We look at those patients that are taking PPIs due to co-morbidity of co-medication and how to support their digestive function and improve nutrient uptake. We also look at the many patients that have been prescribed PPIs for uncomplicated reflux symptoms and how to support them to improve their digestion. On completion of the course the practitioner will have a clear toolkit of how to support these patients to successfully discontinue their PPI with the support of their medical practitioner. PLEASE NOTE THIS COURSE IS INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE OF A PHARMACOLOGY COURSE OR A MEMBERSHIP PLEASE DON'T PURCHASE SEPARATELY IF PLANNING ON PURHCASING ONE OF THOSE OPTIONS!

  • 1

    PPI E-book

    • A Practitioners Guide to Supporting Patients on PPIs


  • 2

    A Quick Recap Of Digestion

    • Module One

  • 3

    The Allopathic Viewpoint

    • Module Two

  • 4

    Functional Medicine Viewpoint

    • Module Three

  • 5

    Naturopathic Approach To Management

    • Module Four

Course Details

A step-by step guide to supporting clients who regularly take Proton Pump Inhibitors with practical strategies on how to support digestion and build better health

  • Learn how proton pump inhibitors exert their effect and the situations under which they are used.

  • An in-depth look at how to support patients who are prescribed a PPI

  • Learn more about which patients can discontinue their PPI and how to work with their prescriber to facilitate discontinuation

  • On completion of this course you will have a comprehensive toolkit to enable you to support the many thousands of clients who are currently taking PPIs prescribed by their doctor or bought in the pharmacy.


  • Who is the course aimed at?

    This course is designed to support Nutritional Therapists and other Complimentary therapists working with patients on PPIs

  • What does the course entail?

    The course comprises an online e-learning package and an accompanying downloadable e-book to support your work in clinic.

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Customer Reviews

What our students think of our courses

Debbie's course is comprehensive and well thought through. It's pitched at a level which is accessible, but that you can return and add a bit more knowledge as you get used to the basic prinicples. 

Deborah P.

Fantastic training, really clinical useful :-)

Debbie L.

Brilliant course. Lots of useful information and tips. It definitely enhances NT practice. Debbie is great and very knowledgeable 

Sonka B.